Monday, May 11, 2009

Several Options

The loose minerals at Affordable Mineral Makeup™ have many uses.

Use an eye shadow brush to apply the minerals to your eyes for eye shadows. You can also use as an eye liner if you use an angled eye liner brush. For a more dramatic look, try wetting the brush first!

Use any of Affordable Mineral Makeup™ minerals as a blush. Just apply along the apples of your cheeks.

Affordable Mineral Makeup™ minerals can also be used for lip color. Simply dip a lip brush into clear lip gloss, then into the loose minerals. Apply to your lips. You can also mix minerals to get the exact shade you want.

To use Affordable Mineral Makeup™ minerals on your nails, use clear nail polish. Dip the brush into the loose mineral, then paint onto your nails. Because Affordable Mineral Makeup™ minerals contain no dyes. there is no need for a base coat.

Shimmer/Highlighter can be dabbed onto your cheekbones, shoulders, etc to give an extra shine

Affordable Mineral Makeup™ minerals can also be used for face/body painting. Simply mix a bit of the loose minerals with a dab of water, a dab of your favorite moisturizer, or a dab of aloe. Then use a paint brush to paint on as you would for any face/body paint.

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