Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mineral Makeup Kits

Many mineral makeup companies out there offer kits, but you have to buy one kit for your face and another for your eyes. Some mineral makeup companies don't even offer kits, and just want you to buy each product seperately! At Affordable Mineral Makeup ™, we offer kits where you get makeup for your face AND your eyes!

Our Mini Affordable Mineral Makeup Kit offers:

  • An organza bag
  • Mini Kabuki Brush
  • Five 5g sifter jars of Affordable Mineral Makeup™ of your color choice (you choices can be foundations, multipurposes, blushes, etc...whatever colors of mineral you want!).

Our Full Mineral Makeup Set offers:

  • Basic Essentials Kabuki Brush
  • one 10g container of foundation of your color choice
  • one 5g container of blush of your color choice (blush colors can also be used on lips, eyes, nails)
  • one 5g container of multipurpose mineral of your color choice (for eyes, lips, nails, etc)
  • one 5g container of shimmering mineral of your color choice
  • one 5g container of veil of your color choice

Saturday, June 6, 2009

2 New Multi-purpose Shades

Affordable Mineral Makeup™ is now offering 2 new shades of Multi-Purpose minerals!

Kiss is a sheer pearlescent reddish pink shade. You can make it darker by applying it wet. Use on your eyes, cheeks, lips, or nails.

Caffe Latte is a semi matte light neutral latte shade. It is great for eyes or cheeks!

KissCaffe Latte

Friday, June 5, 2009

Lip Gloss Sale

The following shades of lip gloss are marked down from $16.49 to $9.99 at Affordable Mineral Makeup™!

This is a shimmering satin pink with gold lip gloss.
This is a shimmering crystalline lip gloss.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

School's Out Sale

To celebrate summer’s arrival Affordable Mineral Makeup is giving 10% off all orders today (6/3/09) and tomorrow (6/4/09 until midnight EST).

Use the coupon code: schoolsout and it’ll automatically deduct 10% from your order (not including shipping).

Huge Selection

Affordable Mineral Makeup™ offers:
  • approx. 200 different shades of mineral makeup!
  • 19 different lip products that are either organic, vegan, or both!
  • 18 different colors of glitter

Affordable Mineral Makeup™ minerals include:

  • Mineral Primer
  • Concealers
  • Foundations
  • Blushes
  • Matte, Semi-Matte, & Pearlescent Multi-Purpose Minerals
  • Bronzers
  • Veils
  • Shimmering Minerals
  • Body Shimmer & Sheen

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

9 Different Sizes Available

Affordable Mineral Makeup™ offers all our minerals in 4 different sized jars.
  • 5 gram container = 1 gram of mineral makeup
  • 10 gram container = 3 grams of mineral makeup
  • 20 gram container = 6 grams of mineral makeup
  • 30 gram container = 9-10 grams of mineral makeup

We also offer refills bags for for each sized container. In addition, we also offer a Sample Size for those times when you want to try a shade before buying!

Containers are often made based on volume, not weight. For example: the 1 gram jars are sold to us as 5 gram jars because most products that are sold in them weigh more than mineral makeup. We won't tell you or insinuate that we're giving you 5 grams of mineral makeup just because it's in a 5-gram jar. Everything is based on product weight.Some minerals weigh more than others, this is why we hand-fill and weigh every jar.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Defense Primer

Affordable Mineral Makeup's Defense Primer is a lightweight, translucent powder that gives you a fresh "canvas" to work on. It helps minimize the appearance of pores and fine facial lines. Primer also helps foundation, blush, and shadow last longer. It also acts as a defense against the daily stress of the environment.

Apply the primer before applying concealer and foundation to have a smoother finer area to apply the rest of your Affordable Mineral Makeup.

Ingredients: Mica, Boron Nitride, Methicone, Silica Spheres, Titanium Dioxide

Available in 9 different sizes!

Defense Primer