Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Why Enchated Potion's Lotions?

Enchanted Potions Lotion Vs. Many Name Brand Lotions

So what is the difference and why purchase Enchanted Potions lotion when you can buy lotion locally and get it quicker? Your body will thank you, that’s why! Many name brand lotions sold in department stores contain Mineral Oil. Mineral Oil is petroleum based (think crude oil you put in your car).  Do you really want that on your skin? The mineral oil is why your favorite lotion feels so greasy on your skin.  The greasier it is, the more mineral oil it contains. Our lotion contains Vegetable and nut oils that are friendly to your skin. They are nourishing to your skin and you won’t feel that greasy residue because your skin will absorb these oils and actually use them to help your skin, not just hide the dryness problem.

Check out all the lotions, with their ingredients and available scents here.

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