Monday, April 26, 2010

Smelly Jelly

Looking for a great way to freshen up a room that is also pretty to look at.  Look no further than Smelly Jelly.  Smelly Jelly is available in all of your favorite Bath, Body, and Home Fragrance scents.

All Smelly Jellys have a die cut lid, so you can enojy the fragrance without removing the lid!  Available in 4 oz jars. 

Ingredients: Magic Crystals, distilled water, fragrance or Essential oils, Tinosan, FDC coloring

Also available are Smelly Jelly Refill Kits!  Once your Smelly Jelly evaporates, don't throw the jar away!  Keep the jar and refill using a Smelly Jelly Refill Kit.  The kit includes everything you need (except water), including instructions, to refill your Smelly Jelly jar.

Please Note: Smelly Jellies can look and smell edible so please keep them out of reach of children and pets!

Find Smelly Jelly, along with other home fragrance items here


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