Monday, March 23, 2009

Why I wear Affordable Mineral Makeup™

I have tried various brands of mineral makeup over the last few years that I bought at the store. All of them had a couple of things in common. I never could find the right color. I either ended up with a color that was too light, or too dark, or too yellow, or too pink. The ones from the store didn't mix well to make my own shade either. So I always ended up with different containers of this mineral makeup doing nothing but taking up space. Not only that, but when I used them the foundation would give me horrible acne and horrible rashes. The eye shadows would make my eyes red and watery. I had just about given up on mineral makeup, but then I found Affordable Mineral Makeup™. With Affordable Mineral Makeup™ you are able to order sample sizes of any color to try BEFORE you order a larger size. If you don't find your right shade with Affordable Mineral Makeup™, then they colors easily mix together to make your own shade. And Affordable Mineral Makeup™ offers more shades than other mineral makeups. It also does not make my acne worse, give me rashes, or irritate my eyes.

Affordable Mineral Makeup™ only contain Titanium Dixoide, Mica, Iron Oxides, and Zinc Oxides. The blue and purple shades do also contain ultramarine blue. That's it! Only 4 ingredients more most of the products, and 5 ingredients for the blue and purple shades!

While the "mineral makeup" you find in store contains MANY ingredients. Some of these ingredients are known to clog pores or to be skin irritates. Ingredients like Bismuth Oxycholoride, which in not only a pore clogger but a skin irritant that is related to Arsenic in it's unrefined form! Another in the "mineral makeup" found in stores is Imidazolidinyl Urea, which is a Formaldehyde releasing agent. Another ingredient found in them is Dimethicone, that coats the skin, therefore trapping anything and everything under it, and not allowing the skin to breath. That's almost like putting a sheet of plastic wrap over your face! Yet another ingredient in the "mineral makeup" that you find in stores are Paraben Preservatives such as Methyl, Propyl, Ethyl, and Butyl. These preservatives are known to be toxic if swallowed or inhaled and are known to cause irritation to eyes and skin.

Affordable Mineral Makeup™ does NOT contain any of these skin irritants!

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