Monday, July 6, 2009

Great Items on Sale!

Affordable Mineral Makeup™ has some great specials going on right now!

The following items are on sale, and are marked down to $18.95 from their original price of $20.95 & $21.95!
  • Warm Lip Gloss
  • Wet Lip gloss
  • Cheers Vegan Lipstick
  • Babe Lip Gloss

We also have items that are being discountinued, therefore are marked down to a great price!

  • Pink Gel Eyeliner normally sells for $10.95, but you can get it for only $6.99!
  • Turquoise, Sapphire & Gold Gel Eyeliners normally sell for $10.95, but are currently $8.99!
  • Gold Eyeliner Pencil normally $10.99, but is marked down to $5.99!

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