Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mineral Makeup Kits

Many mineral makeup companies out there offer kits, but you have to buy one kit for your face and another for your eyes. Some mineral makeup companies don't even offer kits, and just want you to buy each product seperately! At Affordable Mineral Makeup ™, we offer kits where you get makeup for your face AND your eyes!

Our Mini Affordable Mineral Makeup Kit offers:

  • An organza bag
  • Mini Kabuki Brush
  • Five 5g sifter jars of Affordable Mineral Makeup™ of your color choice (you choices can be foundations, multipurposes, blushes, etc...whatever colors of mineral you want!).

Our Full Mineral Makeup Set offers:

  • Basic Essentials Kabuki Brush
  • one 10g container of foundation of your color choice
  • one 5g container of blush of your color choice (blush colors can also be used on lips, eyes, nails)
  • one 5g container of multipurpose mineral of your color choice (for eyes, lips, nails, etc)
  • one 5g container of shimmering mineral of your color choice
  • one 5g container of veil of your color choice

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