Monday, January 4, 2010

Avoid Contaminating Mineral Makeup

   Many of us have heard the claim that mineral makeup has an indefinate shelf-life.  This can be true for those mineral makeups, such as Affordable Mineral Makeup™, that only use inert minerals.  But introducing bateria to your mineral makeup can be done unintentionally.  You can help avoid this by doing a few simple things.
  • Never touch your minerals in their container.  If you must use your fingers to apply, tap a small amount of the minerals onto something else (a plate, a pallate, etc).  Touching the minerals in the container and introduce oils from your hand into the mix, which may harbor bacteria.
  • If you are applying your mineral makeup wet, then again tap a small amount onto something else.  Then either wet your brush and dip into this small amount or mix a small amount of water into it.  Do not add wet minerals back into the same container.  If you have tapped out too much and already touched your wet brush to the minerals, you can put these minerals in a seperate container (Affordable Mineral Makeup™ offers empty jars that work good for this purpose).
  • Clean your brushes regularly!  Dirty brushes can contain oils and dirt from your skin, and are great places for nasty bacteria to hide. 

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