Tuesday, June 2, 2009

9 Different Sizes Available

Affordable Mineral Makeup™ offers all our minerals in 4 different sized jars.
  • 5 gram container = 1 gram of mineral makeup
  • 10 gram container = 3 grams of mineral makeup
  • 20 gram container = 6 grams of mineral makeup
  • 30 gram container = 9-10 grams of mineral makeup

We also offer refills bags for for each sized container. In addition, we also offer a Sample Size for those times when you want to try a shade before buying!

Containers are often made based on volume, not weight. For example: the 1 gram jars are sold to us as 5 gram jars because most products that are sold in them weigh more than mineral makeup. We won't tell you or insinuate that we're giving you 5 grams of mineral makeup just because it's in a 5-gram jar. Everything is based on product weight.Some minerals weigh more than others, this is why we hand-fill and weigh every jar.

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