Sunday, March 14, 2010

Another 3 New Shades!!!

Affordable Mineral Makeup has introduced another 3 new shades!

Nadis in yoga means "the channels through which Prana flows through the body." The literal meaning of nadi is "flow." With this shade, you'll feel the energy it exudes in the golds, bronze, cooper and a touch of pink undertones present within it. Great on eyes, cheeks, or as a highlighter.

Goddess is a vibrant pearlescent shade with a touch of shimmer. It exudes beauty and radiance in the varied levels of pinks. Great on eyes & cheeks. Apply wet to make more vivid.

Eclipse is made up of numerous shades of blues and accented with a silver black cosmetic glitter to make this shade cosmic. For more depth and vividness, apply to eyes wet.

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