Friday, March 5, 2010

Earn Free Affordable Mineral Makeup

Does the thought of earning free product(s) from Affordable Mineral Makeup sound good to you? Make that thought a reality by hosting an Affordable Mineral Makeup party! As the hostess you can earn free product(s) based on the total party sales.


Party Totals:
  • $15 - $100 ~ Get 1 free 1 gram product (your color choice)
  • $101 - $200 ~ Get 2 free 1 gram products (your color choice)
  • $201 - $400 ~ Get 3 free 1 gram products OR one 3 gram product (your color choice)
  • $401 - $700 ~ Get 4 free 1 gram products OR one 9 gram product (your color choice)
  • $701 & up ~ Get 6 free 1 gram products OR two 9 gram products (your color choice)

Please note that a party consists on at least TWO people ordering, one of which CAN be the hostess. Also note that the hostess also has the choice of the products in sifter jars or in refill bags.

If you are interested in learning more about how to host your own party you may e-mail me, and please put "Makeup Party" in the subject.

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